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Kundalini Awakening

A Kundalini Awakening can simply be explained as the path to self- realization. When the potential creative lifeforce energy, or soul body, stored at the base of the spine, is "awakened", it ascends up the 6 spinal centers or chakras, and unites with the all-pervading, thousand-rayed brilliance of the pineal, transforming the soul’s potential into the Bliss of the Spirit. We are ”Awakened” to a greater understanding, awareness, and more expanded consciousness, that shifts us from identifying ourselves as our inner monologue, physical body, and labels we have taken on in our human experience, into realizing, recognizing, and remembering that our TRUE identity is the undying, liberated, infinite Self, embracing our humanness. Lots of “symptoms” get blamed on kundalini awakenings, ranging from muscle spasms, hallucinations, psychosis, or insomnia. More likely, these are physical, emotional, energetic, and mental blockages that are not allowing the kundalini energy to flow. Our soul is "waking up” or directing us to take action and change the course of our life, so that it is more aligned with our TRUE Self and HIGHEST destiny. This can be disruptive, but it's meant to motivate us into making the changes required to authentically express our True Self and Purpose. Sometimes it means changing everything, from diet to relationships, jobs, habits, perspectives, just to name a few. When we are "sleepwalking" through life, we are: caught up in our own suffering, self-pity, self-destruction, self-centeredness, and the material world, we are dispersing & diffusing our lifeforce/ kundalini energy. However, by learning to: eat foods that have more LIGHT(photosynthesis), control the prana/breath, develop the physical body, calm our reactions and impulses, shine LIGHT on unconscious thoughts, patterns, and behavior, or when we “LIGHTEN” our load by meeting the weight of the world with internal spiritual force and resilience, we are "awakened"/ self-illumined by following our inner guidance of supreme intelligence, we make conscious choices followed by intentional action, we walk on the path of LIGHT/Dharma to the highest expression of our True Self/identity, Our Sat Nam. Are you experiencing a kundalini awakening or searching for assistance in your process? Enlightened Health offers a variety of options to assist you, ranging from health and wellness coaching, Energy work, and Kundalini Yoga private lessons and classes. Get started on transforming your life from ordinary to Extraordinary here:

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