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Corporate wellness programs

Corporate wellness programs


Investing in corporate health and wellness might be one of the soundest investments you can do for your business! Not only will your staff become more productive, you will see massive savings on healthcare costs and avoid interruption of workflow.

My corporate wellness programs are designed to:

  • Drastically improve the health of your employees

  • Reduce cost of prescription medications and doctor visits

  • Greatly improve high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive disorders, anxiety, hormonal issues, arthritis, osteoporosis, and diabetes

  • Give your employees better energy, sleep, and overall health that will increase productivity and cut down on lost hours or sick leave​

Choose from any of the following options, or customize your own program!


Corporate Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreat


This 3 hour Wellness Retreat is held in a beautiful studio, in Amarillo, and includes:

-Guided Meditation

-Breathing Exercises

-Yoga (beginner)

-Deep Relaxation

-Gong Sound Healing

-Group intention/ Focus for manifesting your company's vision

Group Acupuncture


Retreats can include group acupuncture to deepen the effects of recharging and relaxing the nervous system.   

Never had Acupuncture?


Acupuncture needles are nothing to be afraid of!  Some are only the width of a hair and are much much smaller than a ordinary sewing needle.  Most people don't even feel when they are being applied.


Traci Mahannah, licensed acupuncturist well over a decade will be applying 5 needles to each person during our gong sound immersion.  These specific meridian points will ACCELERATE your emotional and physical release so that you can step out of blocks and limitations of your past and embrace a whole new VIBE!

Corporate Wellness Packages


Option #1

You can chose from 1, a combination, or all of these talks. They are designed to be done as weekly Lunch & Learns for 4 weeks for best results, and are each 1 hour.


Talk #1 - The Best Ways to Eat to Balance Blood Sugar and Hormones


Talk #2  How Inflammation and Poor Digestion are Making You Sick & Tired!


Talk #3  How pH Balance Can Quickly Improve Your Blood Pressure, Nervous System, Bone Health, and Other Health Challenges.


Talk #4  The Keys to Optimal Health & Weight Loss Success

  • BONUS: When you purchase all 4 talks, I will provide anyone in your group that attends all 4 talks, with a $33 discount on a personalized initial consult with me, which is usually $108 (discounted to $75.)  I can provide this because if they attend these classes it will save time & effort in their appointment and allow us to really focus on just their specific health challenges. 



Option #2

Some businesses have opted to do a weight loss challenge in which I can facilitate a 28 day group cleanse/weight loss program. 


This program includes: 

  • The one hour PowerPoint presentation, "The Best Ways to Eat to Balance Blood Sugar and Hormones"

  • Initial and Final Weight and measurements

  • 30 day Meal plan

  • 4 Weekly Grocery Lists

  • 4 weekly Recipe guides

  • secret fb group for questions and guidance


  • Option to add Cleanse Supplement Program 

  • option to add any or all of the additional talks (1/week)

  • option to add Grocery Demo (Foods on meal plan can be introduced and sampled



Option #3

This Program includes a membership for each participant to the Enlightened 30 Online Program , which includes: 


  • All 4 one hour health talks (pre recorded online NOT in person)

  • 30 day meal plan

  • 4 weekly grocery lists

  • 4 weekly recipe guides

  • secret Facebook group (for support and questions)

  • As well as 1-2 in person or online Yoga class/ per week (up to 10 people) that can be done at your place of business, that focus on:

    • strengthening the core

    • low impact but will make you sweat!

    • meditation and breathing techniques to address compulsive and emotional eating patterns.

  • Option to do talks in person

  • or add In person Grocery Demo

Corporate Wellness Program Topics:

Pick and choose from my preset programs or contact me to discuss bespoke options!

Talk #1

The Best Ways to Eat to Balance Blood Sugar & Hormones

  • An introduction on how foods can influence your hormones, thyroid, and adrenals.

  • Adrenaline and Insulin Triggers

  • How cortisol is preventing your weight loss

  • Foods to avoid to promote hormone balance

  • Rules to balance blood sugar


Talk #3

How pH Balance Can Quickly Improve Your Blood Pressure, Nervous System, Bone Health, and Other Health Challenges

  • Intro to pH

  • Your nervous system and how it is related to anxiety and weight gain

  • What to eat to improve pH

  • How to quickly lower high blood pressure

  • pH and osteoporosis


Talk #2

How Inflammation & Poor Digestion are Making You Sick & Tired!

  • The Role of Inflammation and Allergies on High Cholesterol 

  • How to Quickly Lower Your Cholesterol

  • Liver Health

  • Leaky Gut

  • Foods That Repair the Gut


Talk #4

The Keys to Weight Loss Success

  • Review blood sugar and hormones role in weight loss

  • pH and the nervous system

  • Inflammation Diet for the best results in the gym

  • Success tips


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