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Meet your Health Guide

A Shared Health Journey...


Prior to earning my clinical nutrition master's degree, I was a parachute rigger in the U.S. Army. Between 2004 – 2005 I suffered with chronic UTIs (urinary tract infections) and was prescribed 11 rounds of antibiotics in one year. With each UTI, I was prescribed a stronger dosage, resulting in short-term relief while encouraging the UTI to return with a vengeance. 


The last couple of infections were so aggressive that by the time I would notice the first symptoms, it would progress to severe back pain, fever, nausea, and in at times, quickly resulted in an ER visit with a kidney infection within a few hours. This problem was causing me to live my life constantly limited by what I was afraid would cause another infection. I would avoid certain foods and beverages, sitting for long periods of time or long car rides, hot baths or hot tubs, going too long without drinking water, or even wearing certain types of clothing. I remember thinking, “I’m only in my twenties, what is this going to be like in my sixties?!”

The turning point


After working for several months at a holistic chiropractic clinic in Atlanta, GA, I was inspired to attend a nutritional seminar, which was an introduction to Applied Kinesiology for Nutrition. I was used as an example client during the seminar. A renown Clinical Nutritionist/ Kinesiologist assessed me and recommended a supplement protocol that I started to follow. After one month on that protocol, my UTI was gone and has never come back since! A true miracle for me! I became such a believer that I decided to get my M.S. in Clinical Nutrition, and I have earned several certifications in Kinesiology since.

A transformation to a better life – for life!


Not only has this changed my health but, I have learned over the years that healthy people do great things. They go out and live life because they are not limited by their diseases or physical symptoms. They change jobs, they move, they have families, travel the world, and contribute greatly to our community. I have seen these transformations occur in myself and I love to see it happen to my clients!


After completing an Ayurvedic training, an ancient way of looking at food as medicine, I learned about Kundalini Yoga. The two were the same!!  One was the philosophy and one was the experiential practice of it.  I immediately went to a kundalini yoga teacher’s training in Santa Fe, NM and I am now on a journey of self mastery by deepening my practice and by becoming a yoga teacher's trainer. I have a tremendous passion for teaching, sharing, and empowering you with these tools so you can better the quality of your life. Healthy Happy people work together to change our world!


Biology Bachelor's of Science

Fayetteveille State University, NC

Clinical Nutrition Master's of Science

University of Bridgeport, CT

Cert. Clinical Nutritionist

Kinesiology certifications from PRL, System Strength Analysis, and Ulan’s. 

Ayurveda certification

IYKTA certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Level 1 Sat Nam Rasayan certified

Specialty trained in the Superhealth or yogic Addiction recovery program

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