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Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Coaching Sessions


Horses are highly sensitive and respond to body language, emotions, and movements which can make them a powerful mirror of reflection.


Horses tune into our energy and reflecting back without ego or judgment. This natural ability makes horses masters at showing us how to be more emotionally transparent and authentic, by matching our inside with our outside. EAL and the gift of the horse, shows us how to deeply listen to our Truth, unmask our core wounds, and gives us an experience of a different approach, so we can obtain the reflection from the outer world that is our true heart's desire. 



Equine-Assisted Learning and Coaching (EAL) is an experiential journey where the horse, provides immediate insight into your relationship with yourself and others.  EAL involves interactive horse activities and learning experiences, facilitated by an Equine Certified Coach, focusing on your challenges and goals, and how the horse responds to you.



Horses help us to regulate our nervous system, connect to our bodies, release trapped emotions, and reveal our inner wisdom that can help us to heal and grow.  Learn how to connect to your own heart through the heart of the Horse. Schedule your EAL session today here: 

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