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Holistic Health Coaching & Wellness Programs

Your body is unique – so should your nutritional wellness plan be.


I have seen throughout the years in my practice that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to reaching optimal health and wellness. My clients often come to me with a combination of symptoms such as gut issues, lack of energy, sleep problems, or chronic pain.  They might already be taking several supplements or different prescription drugs designed to help with these symptoms, but it they haven't addressed the fundamental cause. I also see clients who already maintain a healthy lifestyle with smaller issues that don’t seem to clear even with the healthy regime they keep.


We all have an innate power to heal, our bodies are perfectly designed for life, but we also must treat our bodies right to optimize their potential and avoid getting sick. I like to see myself as your teacher and guide to optimizing your health and finding your individual path towards complete wellness.

Since all my clients are unique so are their personalized wellness plans. I teach you how to empower yourself towards reaching optimal health!

My process:

All of my programs start with a consultation and health history deep dive where I find out everything about you, your health struggles, symptoms and background. On top of this I perform a muscle stress test to assess your body and look for ‘weaknesses’ to learn which areas we need to work on for you to reach optimal health. With this information gathered, I have all I need to put together a customized wellness plan designed outlining your health journey and supporting you with achievable steps towards defeating your health challenges and reaching your wellness goals.

Initial consultation


A deep dive into your health history

Quantum Biofeedback & Muscle stress test


Identify weaknesses and imbalances that could be contributing to your health challenges or chronic condition 

Develop a unique plan


Review your case and work on a custom nutrition and supplement plan and provide ‘homework’ to address mind/body ‘dis-ease’

Meet again


To stress test and confirm that the unique nutritional and supplement protocol I put together will help your body, and get you going on the protocol

Treatment plan


I will recommend to you a follow-up treatment package based on your individual requirements

My initial consultation package includes:

- 90 min appointment

- In-depth health history exploration

- Full nutritional and supplement protocol to support your goals

- Email support throughout a month


Optional add-on: private customized yoga plan to maximize results, email me if you would like to add this option to your wellness plan or read more here.

Health assessment Sessions
are $150 for 90 minutes
Include: Quantum biofeedback, health history analysis, nutritional program, and health coaching 

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