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Applied Kinesiology/ 

Muscle Stress Testing

What is Muscle Stress Testing?

Muscle testing or kinesiology is a powerful tool used to access information from your nervous system, and determine the strength of these nerve impulses along the communication pathways.

Combining specific forms of kinesiology that target points directly influenced by nutrition, imbalances are revealed thru weakened energy channels, meridians, and acupressure points that can then be strengthened, cleansed, repaired, or replenished with the most bioavailable form of organic whole food supplementation, herbal stimulation, or glandular support.

Muscle testing takes the guesswork out of product recommendations because we can get a definite answer as to how your body will respond right then!

That means:

- no trial and error protocols

- you don't end up buying a lot of unnecessary products that may or may not work,

- significantly lowers your chance of an adverse reaction to products

- you can feel confident that the products recommended, will rapidly repair, replete, and replenish your system quickly without negative side effects.

- we use the fewest products possible (usually 4) 1 product to strengthen your overall endocrine, immune, cardio, and master function (pH, sleep, neurotransmitters, etc) systems


Clinically, after the recommended nutritional support, specific to which is identified as weak, there are usually vast improvements in the client's state of health and symptoms associated with that particular function in the body.


As a clinical nutritionist, I can order blood work, food allergy panels, and urinalysis, and if you already have these, I am happy to go over these with you and explain how they can provide us with some clues.


However, kinesiology has proven to be a very effective, cost-effective, non-invasive method to holistically address your health challenges, so that you can focus on getting better, sooner, with exactly what will give your body what it is asking for to heal, right now!

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