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Have you ever Experienced?

Digestive disorders?

Extreme cravings?

Excess belly fat that you can’t get rid of?

Challenges with committing to diet plans that requires calorie counting or long meal preparation times?

This Program is for anyone that wants to take a holistic approach to transforming their health. You can take the program online at your own pace with easy to use plans, practical tips for motivation, and group support.

In this Enlightened 30 Program training, you will learn the science behind this program’s design, and other health tips that will keep you engaged and committed to your goals!

Enlightened 30 Includes: 

Four 1-hour video nutrition classes covering: 

  • Balancing Blood Sugar and Hormones

  • How Inflammation and Poor Digestion are Making you Sick and Tired

  • How pH balance can quickly improve your Blood Pressure, Bone Health, Anxiety, and Other Health Challenges

  • The Keys to Total Health Success

You will also receive:

  • 30 day meal plan 

  • Weekly grocery lists and recipes

  • Education

  • Cleanse recipes and food diary

  • Shake recipes

  • Discounted personal consultation with me

  • Private Facebook forum

  • Supportive material and blogs

  • Bonus vegetarian meal plan

Maximize your 30 days! You will benefit greatly from following this guide, and I recommend that you also use a cleanse kit to maximize your results in the coming month! Please contact me if you would like to learn more and incorporate the cleanse kit into your program.

30-day online program


We all know that the foods and supplements we put into our system directly affect our health.

Yet I know that eating right can be very hard to navigate especially with so much contradicting information and very compelling opinions out there on what we should and shouldn’t do to lose weight, feel better and live longer. 

Let food be thy medicine


I have designed my Enlightened 30 online nutrition program with this in mind. I want to give you clarity on how to kick-start a new and healthy life, not only providing you with a complete meal plan but also delivering education on how the body functions. Knowing how your body works and how to feed the body based on this understanding, is the foundation to live a healthy and disease-free life.


My eating guidelines follow Ayurvedic principles, which is the ancient medical system of India that uses food as medicine. This approach is renowned for being one of the most healing and balanced ways of living. While it is well-known for eating and lifestyle recommendations based on your specific and individual requirements, I have designed this program incorporating the practices that is beneficial to everyone according to Ayurveda.

This is how to join! 


Pay $108 via Pay Pal (button link below) and text your email address and 'Enlightened 30' to me on: (806)683-0064 

I’m also happy to offer a free phone consultation at any time during the 30-days to answer any questions you may have or just offer my support and guidance. 

Everyone will feel better by cleaning up their diet and following this guide. But if you prefer a customized program just for you, visit my clinical nutrition & personalized wellness plans page

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