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" I really thought Yoga was Hokey and anti-God because that was what I was taught. But after yesterday's class I am a believer and I believe God is the biggest part of Yoga. I have lots of health issues and I can't do the fast up and down movements. But I have been pain free since our last class, my husband even asked me today why I was smiling all the time because he hasn't seen me smile since I had to go on disability. Please continue the beginner classes - You never know who's life you will help change. Thank you for helping to change mine."


– T.R.

"I've been working with Jennifer for several years now. So thankful for all she has helped me with. Always nails exactly what is going on with me emotionally and physically!"



"Jennifer, I had heavy morning sickness, but after you test me and changed supplements I need, I hardly ever get sick. The testing works great and I thank you so much!!!"


"For longer than I can remember I have felt horrible. Run down, antisocial, constantly sick. Once I started following Jennifer's recommendations I slowly noticed a huge improvement. Today I feel so much better. Give Jenifer 6 months and she'll turn your life around."


"She's wonderful!!! "


"I love Jennifer Landram's ability to soar over any physical challenge and correct it via nutrition, supplements, love and compassion. 


"Jennifer has helped me a lot! I recommend her to everyone!"


"Definitely book your next nutrition appointment here! She is always willing to help you to be the healthiest you possible!"


"Jennifer is very professional and smart! She took extra time to answer my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend her to anyone ready to change their lifestyle and how they feel."



"The care and information provided has helped my life transform to a new healthier life. I am forever grateful.  My special child also got help with his digestive health and well being! This is a must have in my life! :)"


"I totally love Jennifer, her work ,her Heart the whole package. She is a Blessing to my entire family."



"In one appointment, I've lost 13% body weight and won the company weight loss contest! I feel so much better."


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