What is Energy Medicine


How Can it Help?

Igniting your Innate Healing Power 

to Elevate Your Health

Combining Energy Modalities of Reiki, Quantum Clearing, Sat Nam Rasayan, and Lightwork Clearing energy work can help you to align and integrate your body, mind and spirit and can help you uncover apparent blockages in specific chakras to clear an align them. Energy medicine can remove toxins, rejuvenate and transform dis-ease. When the seven chakras are fully activated, one can experience an enlightened state. Energy Work can activate the innate intelligence of the body. When issues are suppressed and ignored, your body receives and retains the unconscious metaphors of that which is ignored. This may be expressed through physical symptoms that bring your unconscious issues to conscious awareness. When this happens, energy work can assist in movement towards a more conscious relationship with your body - and guidance on how to work with the physical metaphors in order to heal yourself on all levels.


The body has a specific kind of consciousness through which messages are clearly delivered. In fact, the body itself is a living metaphor that mirrors your mind, emotions and spirit. However, the body also remembers all it has experienced, and consequently holds the consciousness of the past within it, including past wounds and traumas. Energy work can amplify your awareness of its messages and metaphors rather than storing them, and provide a profound opportunity to transcend our physical genetics, and an unparalleled opportunity for personal evolution. It can assist you in accessing the keys to a fully awakened consciousness and  break down old patterns or bring energy into alignment so you can transform you life from ordinary to Extraordinary!

Energy Healing is all about accepting that you are an energy being. A being that is much more complicated than just a physical body; accepting and understanding this, we can then utilize various techniques to remove blocks and restore your energy flow to the optimum balance.

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