Energy Work

Ignite your Healing Power 

ENERGY WORK at Enlightened health includes a combination of :


Along with several other techniques, to help you uncover subconscious blocks and amplify your awareness of the body's messages rather than storing them, to provide a profound opportunity to transcend your physical genetics, and an unparalleled opportunity for personal evolution.

It can assist you in accessing the keys to a fully awakened consciousness and break down old patterns or bring energy into alignment so you can transform your life.

E-motion is energy in motion. When emotions are stagnant, trapped, or held in the body.


Energy work can help you FEEL to HEAL, to look at the mental projections and programs that are getting you caught in the emotional loops, and the beliefs that keep you in a perspective that re-cultivate these patterns.


Energy work is sometimes called shadow work or soul retrieval because it brings the light of conscious awareness to old wounds, triggers, or behaviors & aspects that have been hidden, suppressed, or avoided.


When we are willing to recognize our shadows, we expand our perspective, and deepen our self connection with greater self love, compassion, tolerance and understanding. This allows us more FREEDOM to be our TRUE and Authentic self, and to balance and reclaim more of our wholeness.


When we integrate these aspects of ourselves, we create neutrality, free flowing energy, and the expansiveness of more compassion, love and understanding towards ourselves AND others.