Online Course

This healing journey will help you transcend conflict thru the heart of compassion.

learn about:

- How conflict in our lives can be a reflection of different aspects of our own psyche

-How our body holds tension, trauma, and emotion to communicate with us about our own patterns of imbalance.

-How our own inner conflict between our Higher Self and ego shows up in our relationships

-What self esteem boosting behaviors can neutralize our inner conflict

-The cycle of dis-empowerment

-The 4 most destructive relationship behaviors and their antidotes

-4 most common inner child wounds and how they are contributing to your conflict.

-The Power of Self Love and Self Forgiveness

-Forming Boundaries as an act of self Love

-Tools for Self Care

- Peace thru co-empowerment

-Power of Prayer/Affirmation in holding space for the Highest Potential for all involved.

This course includes :

  • breathing exercises, meditations, and coping skills that will help you transcend polarization.  All Beginner Level

  • As well as a 36 page information manual

  • and a 11 page booklet to take you thru a personal journaling process throughout the journey.

The workshop has been broken down into 3 one hour classes so you can do them anytime!

$108 or 3 monthly payments of $36


Everything is online and will be emailed to you as soon as payment is received, so you can start any time.